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In 1987, a young and very ambitious Lucy Llamas immagrated to the United States in search of the “American Dream”. Lucy got a job as a presser, working for Carmine Reino of Reino Cleaners; a family in the Dry Cleaning business since 1944.

Mr. Reino was a hard worker with a reputation for high quality standards who demanded a lot from his empoloyees. In a very short period of time, Lucy proved to not only be a talented cleaner and presser but was also seen as someone who had “eye for quality”. Lucy knew what looked good; after working at Reino’s for 16 years, she developed the skills to make the clothes “look right”.

Lucy also possessed the extraordinary desire to care for the customers as if they were her own. It’s no surprise that Lucy soon became a most valuable employee and most trusted friend to the Reino Family. Shortly after Lucy started working with Reino Cleaners, her sister Fanny followed and continued with the Reino family; meeting and exceeding their expectations for 14 years.

Many other family members later joined the Reino Cleaners family; including Eloy, Lucy’s brother in-law, and Jose, her brother. Years later, 40% of Reino Cleaners was made up of Lucy’s family members. They all excelled in their knowedge of the business and each specialized in different areas. After Mr. Reino retired from dry cleaning, Lucy’s family got together and formed what is now Lucy’s Cleaners. Lucy eventually took complete ownership of the operation and is now excelling with her store in Flower Mound.

On the 29th of March, the greatest blessing Lucy could ever image came into this world: Ariel Ben Ybarra. Lucy is now enjoying the fruits of her labor and dedicating most of her time to her beautiful son. Her sister Fanny runs the day to day operations of the store.

Pictured above: Lucy, her husband, and their son Ariel. Lucy’s Cleaners is truly a family operation.

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Lucy's Cleaners
1900 Garden Ridge Blvd.
Flower Mound, TX 75028
Phone: 972.874.2232
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